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Ivydale Road, London

Status: Completed 2019

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers


The project comprises a new rear extension with projecting glazed window seat, as well as extensive internal refurbishment to provide a new kitchen and dining room.


The house had a pre-existing uninsulated extension to the rear, that offered only limited views and no access to the garden.  The client was keen to achieve a much greater sense of connection between the house and garden, and to provide an open plan space full of natural light.


In order to meet the brief, the existing extension was demolished and replaced with a new highly insulated extension of equivalent footprint. Generous sliding glass doors now allow the inside space to flow into the garden and a projecting glass window seat brings in natural light as well as providing a cosy coffee spot.

Internally the existing partition was removed to create a single open space, and the kitchen was relocated towards the centre of the plan.  The existing bay to the side of the house was taken down and rebuilt to improve the kitchen layout, and echo the geometry of the projecting window seat.  The existing WC has been fully refurbished and new storage in the hall was designed to maximise the space under the staircase.

Although the garden is of limited size it has been beautifully redesigned by Bulb + Branch to accommodate different textures , a shed with green a roof, and a pagoda with swing.

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